Exterior CGI

Black Sheep

Upper Newtownards Rd

Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK







Hagan Homes


Exterior CGI

  • YEAR : 2019
  • LOCATION : Belfast
  • CLIENT : Hagan Homes
  • CATEGORY : Exterior CGI

Exterior CGI Black Sheep Belfast

Residential CGI

For Black Sheep Belfast project the client requested 3 individual images of the three apartment blocks for planning submission.

Apart from the 3 external CGI we made the development site to be able to include it in the individual images.

One of the main requirements requested by the client for Black Sheep Belfast was to keep the same sizes of the appartment blocks.

The modelling in our residential CGI projects provides, as usual, maximum detail, unless we have any other specifications by the client.

For the materials we use a smooth render with a subtle roughness noticeable only at close distance. The finishes and colours of the render walls and cills were specified by the client too. These finishes and colours in our residential CGI are the equivalent to their real version of the Farrow & Ball Brand ones.

For the site of Black Sheep Belfast we used real products of local construction companies that will be eventually installed in the real property.

All separation elements; such as timber fences, railings, brick walls, etc have been adjusted according to the 2D plans provided. The composition of the images, as we discussed previously, it is focused on the unification of sizes of these CGI apartment blocks.

We decided to use a casual, young and social mood in a lively neighborhood when representing this development. We wanted to emphasize that community feeling trying to show at the same time the houses and the common green areas or the facilities designed for a possible young professional customer.

During the post processing, we wanted to emphasize the sense of community and lively and cosy atmosphere with some effects and adjustments that were added at the same time as people to evoke that idea, for example by adding lighs and shadows.

Residential CGI Black Sheep Belfast

Visualisation Highlight

One of the most interesting details of Black Sheep Belfast is that might be unnoticed, is the different materials used on the roads. There are 3 different types to differentiate three different zones.

The first road, which connects to the main street, is a rough asphalt, very similar to the one we find in our Northern Irish streets.

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