Concept Design CGI

Interior Design CGI – Private B&B Concept Apartment

Private Client

Dublin, Ireland.








Concept Design CGI

  • YEAR : 2020
  • LOCATION : Dublin
  • CLIENT : Private
  • CATEGORY : Concept Design CGI

Concept Design CGI

Interior Design CGI


For this interior design CGI, we were contacted by a private client to produce an interior design concept of the main room for a private apartment intended to be used as a B&B.

The first mood boards were made to generate a pastel colour palette but we also wanted to generate contrasts and a bold impresión for a more personal and unique result.

For modelling, we focused on representing faithfully every detail of the room, that way modelled objects can be purchased to furnish the space with the same interior concept.

All the materials and textures generated for the interior concept of the CGI private apartment were made from scratch, we relied on real suppliers in case they were going to be used in the refurbishment.

The mood we wanted to obtain was based on generating contrasts in each room, natural light accompanied by pastel but intense colours for warm surfaces such as carpets and wood, all this evokes a feeling of warmth with subtle lights.

For the postprocessing, the exterior natural lighting has been maintained and we have also focused on the composition to express the versatility of the different rooms, paying special attention to the area of ​​the bed and the warmth of it.

Concept Apartment CGI

Private B&B Apartment Highlight


The concept should express exactly the feeling of a space of tranquillity and modernity while maintaining the versatility of an apartment, these were the challenges in the design.

In terms of visualization, the greatest challenge was to produce as realistic as possible materials and find a balance in the combination of natural light and artificial light to decide the best distribution of lights needed.

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