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Saint Valentine’s 3D Animation – Aire Sano

Saint Valentine's campaign Animation made for

Impacta Comunicacion

Zaragoza, Aragón, Spain







Impacta Comunicacion


3D Animation

  • YEAR : 2020
  • LOCATION : Zaragoza
  • CLIENT : Impacta Comunicacion
  • CATEGORY : 3D Animation

Product Animation

Saint Valentine’s 3D Animation


The Saint Valentine’s 3D Animation Project was created for the marketing and communication company Impacta Comunicación. They trusted us to carry out their creative idea, to produce a promotional video for their final client: Aire Sano. More Impacta projects on


Aire Sano, the final customer, is the leading brand in the production of Jamón de Teruel D.O.P. with a Certification of Animal Wellfare.

The creatives of Impacta Comunicación developed the marketing campaign “Everything is true” and as part of the Saint Valentine’s campaign, we were asked to make an animation showing ham petals falling down slowly.

For this, modelling the rose petals with a ham texture was the first step. A total of 20 different petals with different shapes were made to fill the scene and speed up the animation. For the texturing, photogrammetry of the actual product of the client was used in order to produce an accurate result.

Regarding the mood, the aim was to generate a feeling of abundance, richness, sensuality and relaxation. It was achieved with different techniques, using pink accents and shades and hiding the background with the petals.

For the composition, the fall of the petals was generated at different speeds according to the proximity to the camera point of view to evoke a sense of depth. The postproduction was created in a way to improve the management and transfer of files between the client and us.

Saint Valentine’s 3D Animation

Animation Highlight

Producing an accurate material of the slices of ham was essential since they were going to be used for a close-up scene. For this, we used photogrammetry of real slices of ham to capture all the details. We studied the product and how flexible it was to generate the necessary stiffness in the petals and how they were folded by the friction of the air.


Saint Valentine’s 3D Animation


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