Architectural Visualisation Studio 7 Tips to survive a Pandemic

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We are only four months away from the end of 2020 (what a year!) and today from our Architectural Visualisation Studio we’ll talk about one of the words of the year: remote work.


Working remotely seemed unusual a few months ago. The current situation means that we have to rethink everything as even the most traditional profession needs to be reinvented.

We have never imagined doctors on the phone or teachers evaluating their students from home, have we?

It is possible that all this “new normal” has come as a surprise and you are still figuring out this new way of working. A lot has been said about sanitary measures but very little about how to adapt and organise ourselves as a company working in a remote system. Since we established Our Architectural Visualisation Studio we have been at the forefront of technology using tools that allow us to work remotely achieving the best results. In these atypical seven months we have continued working as usual. That is why we want to share seven tips with you so that you can carry out remote work in the best possible way.

1 – When and where?

The workspace from an Architectural Visualisation Studio is very important as well as the time you dedicate to it. Find a place where you have everything you need around and where you feel comfortable and away from distractions. However, when we are so focused we lose track of time so don’t forget to take breaks.


Have you ever heard about the Pomodoro Technique 🍅? There are several apps based on this. You just decide the task, set the timer, work until the timer rings and take a five minutes break. After a few breaks you should stop for 15 or 30 minutes.

It’s all about finding balance! Help yourself with  other apps to clock in, regulate schedules and count if you’re doing overtime. In this way, you will know at all times how long you have been working, since keeping track of work time allows us to be more efficient and productive.

2 – Meeting Architectural Visualisation project milestones

Thanks to project management apps you’ll be able to organise tasks, deadlines, etc. For our Architectural Visualisation Studio it is essential to deliver a project on time. These apps help us to plan and share with our workmates considering both individual and group tasks. These apps increase the efficiency of your team and let you take your work to the next level, always keeping track of what you have done and what is left.

It is also important to know the time to complete a project to be able to come up with accurate fee quotes and give the client more information about the time necessary for each work.

3- Our Studio a look inside

Communication with your colleagues inside the Architectural Visualisation Studio is also something to take into consideration. Make use of tools that allow you to talk with the rest of the team, creating conversation groups on platforms with which you can make video calls, write via chat and exchange content and ideas.

Having a unified channel of communication makes it much easier and faster to contrast information and verify where each one is. Working in a team encourages creativity and increases efficiency and commitment, creating a more pleasant atmosphere in which everyone feels part of the crew. Communication should be a staple in every business no matter where everyone is.

4 – A picture is worth one thousand words

Sometimes we need to produce many ideas and we need to illustrate them. For this we find interactive whiteboard apps really useful, where we can all work together exchanging inspiration. VR meetings could be the next step.


Can you imagine having a meeting and being able to check out the results with VR googles on? Besides we are very into interactive spaces (stay tuned because we we’ll tell you more about this soon!).

5 – Communication is a two-way process

In addition to interacting with our colleagues, we like interacting with our clients as much as possible. This way we can verify that we are on the right track and we are accurate adjusting everything to their expectations.

We constantly exchange information to make the necessary changes and adjustments and we can do so through very different channels: from video calls or emails to reviewing apps.


With this type of apps, the client can see the evolution of the project and the different proposals by using all type of devices and at any time, commenting simultaneously and becoming fully involved.

This is the only way to offer the most accurate results as for us, having a smooth communication with our clients has always been the starting point of all our projects.

6 – Think BIG

Closely linked to the previous tool we have the following piece of advice. Many times, when dealing with high quality images and animations, they’re too big to be sent by email. That is why we need to use other types of platforms.

It allows us to send large files quickly and without needing to download them for a long time. Search a platform where you can send all type of files without any limits, no matter how big they are.

7 – In professionals we trust

We do lots of things by ourselves online but sometimes we may need someone who offers us a preferenced support.

First of all, find a good accounting team to manage all you may need automatically and online. On top of that, make sure they provide customer service via chat or phone. Sometimes we need someone to talk to, don’t we?

Secondly, it would be great if you could count on a bank branch that you trust in for all those transactions related to your business, both online and on the phone. It is also very important to have your personal bank assistant in case you need to sort something out quickly.

Fortunately, when all this situation started, our usual work methodology helped us to adapt our way of working to the new scenarios without hardly noticing the difference. With all those tools we constantly exchange information with our clients. Our architectural visualisation studio makes sure that everything is exactly as they wish.

We offer both face-to-face and videoconference meetings. We show our clients the evolution of the project step by step so we can make the appropriate changes and keep them up-to-date all the time.

As we did, just have a wee look to see which tools could be the most suitable ones for your type of business and… off you go!

I hope you find all these tips useful. And remember:

we’ll always find some new challenges to deal with but with a cando attitude we can reach all our goals!