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Francos & Costa

Architectural Animation

Architectural Animation

Architectural Movies

Architectural Movies help us to understand the complexity and spatial qualities of the biggest projects. By using movies we can get across the mood that you want to create with your project.

• Storytelling is where we start building from. With your concept and your idea, we create a storyboard with the most important keys of the animation.

• We take care of the editing; we can post-process and edit these animations, adding soundtracks, etc.

• From the starting point to the final video, we are always in touch with you, being able to review any part of your project during all the creation process.

3D Animation

Product Animations

Eye-catching tool for your Web and Social media marketing production.

The content is tailored for your website, being adapted to all sort of screens and browsers.

Content creations for social media; we can generate appealing and rich in detail content for your different social media platforms to boost engagement and make it much more sophisticated and pleasant to the eye.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Where can I use your architectural animation?
    • We can adapt you architectural animation to your needs, our editing let us generate production-ready videos for websites, mobile phones, social media, TV formats, even in cinemas.
  • Do you work with other video editing companies?
    • Of course, we have worked before providing only the videos for later editing, we like to have control of the final look of the whole video, but we also work providing short scenes for later editing and mixing with real footage.