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Francos & Costa

Architectural Visualisation Agency

Francos and Costa – Architectural visualisation agency works with you to turn your ideas into a reality.


About Francos and Costa

Francos & Costa is based in two European and lively cities, Belfast and Zaragoza.

Our Architectural Visualisation Agency counts with highly qualified professionals, specialised in different disciplines to offer a wide range of services: still images, animations, VR or 360 panoramics.

Francos & Costa CGI provides you with a more complex and detailed outcome in a short turnaround time.


Architectural Visualisation Projects

Francos & Costa

From Concept Design to Reality

Our Architectural Visualisation Agency creates the right mood around a project. Not only can we create a CGI but also evoke a feeling, an emotion, an atmosphere. Our clients can populate their brand’s and gain visibility with images that are as realistic as real-life photos or walk around a space that hasn’t been made yet.

We work with you to fully understand what your project needs; textures, materials, lighting, etc. Every detail we add make our CGI more realistic, accurate and true.

Our CGI can be used for your website, social media, marketing or business purposes and also for fit-out professionals as an aid to create or modify a space. Our multidisciplinary crew will use different techniques to ensure superb final results that will entirely meet and exceed your expectations.

Francos & Costa

Immersive CGI

From still images to the latest immersive VR experiences, our Architectural Visualisation Belfast team can help you to visualise any concept or idea.

Francos and Costa Architectural visualisation Belfast works in your project to produce stunning and memorable imagery.

Drop us a line to find out what our architectural visualisation agency can do for you. Engaging CGI whatever your needs are. Get in touch!

Francos & Costa

Research & Development

We constantly work to improve our services, we always listen to our customers’ ideas to provide them with the most accurate results and to meet their necessities.

The feedback from our clients is also very important and our aim is to continue improving our skills with each project we carry out. We invest in generating innovative services to be able to offer the latest marketing solutions in 3D visual architecture and in the representation of 3D products.

How we improve our

Still 3D Images

Our static images are considered digital photographs, and therefore we seek to improve all the characteristics of photography while improving the technical elements of 3D modelling, texturing and recreation of hyperrealistic materials achieving the most realistic lighting possible with design concepts as realistic as possible.

Although we name them still images, they are not still at all. It depends on the platform on which they are going to be displayed, but we always make the most of the possibilities of each platform, no matter if it’s a computer, a tablet or a mobile phone. We can produce enhanced 3D Images with some animated elements for websites and advertising.

How we improve our

3D animations

Our animations of both products and commercials always begin by following some guidelines before the film development; we study the product and collaborate with the client to learn more about their brand to express their ethos in each of the videos. We are storytellers with our animations, we express the customers’ idea in the most accurate way.

We study the needs of our customers and how they want to present their products to the market, we work with them to express that emotion through our 3D animations. Our animation services evolve constantly like the needs of our customers, so we come up with the newest ideas and techniques: from 360 video animations to real-time animations on a website to see a product in detail. Innovation is our middle name and we do offer much more than moving images!

How we improve our

VR CGI 360 Panoramics

Our 360 panoramas for virtual tours represent reality faithfully. We generate immersive 3D environments able to take us to a 3D space which is exactly the same that the one that will be built. They are very useful for the early stages of design and to make all the companies involved understand the idea of ​​the main client.

For Virtual Reality we level up the interaction, letting us move freely through that house not built yet, be able to turn lights on and off, see the spaces as if you were already there, change the decoration with different settings. All these features in real-time and adapted to the device needed.

Augmented Reality can generate more engagement in your social networks for your brand or product, so that lets the customer be able to interact with the product as if it already existed in reality.

More services we can offer you


More and more clients are asking us for a complete marketing or design services. For this reason we collaborate with local companies in both Belfast and Zaragoza. Local companies in which we trust and that have the same quality and service values ​​as we do. We only work with companies capable of offering the best results with ethical and responsible values.


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