Product CGI, Product Animation

PM 812 by Bikone

PM812 is the first power meter integrated into your bottom bracket. Both legs data, without estimations and a revolutionary charge less system

Spain & Austria








Product CGI

  • YEAR : 2019
  • LOCATION : Spain
  • CLIENT : Bikone
  • CATEGORY : Product CGI

Product CGI, Product Animation

Product CGI

This Product CGI consisted of a collaboration between the photographer and industrial designer Luis Esteve (@evetsesiul) and our architectural visualization agency, for the realisation of the marketing material necessary at the launch of PM821 by Bikone. These images and animations were used for a Kickstarter (link) campaign and various presentations for investors’ financing.


They requested to produce several visualisations for its implementation in graphic supports, such as 3 Product CGI; product presentation and section view of it. They also asked us for 2 product animations to implement them in their existing product promotional videos: a video of its operation during pedalling and a second video of assembly/disassembly. These videos show a close view of the pieces, so it was essential that all the details were taken into account.


For modelling, we followed the CAD model provided by the client with slight modifications to add some more details to the parts (battery, cables, etc). The exceptional quality of the finishings was highly needed because of their proximity to the camera so all of them are physical real materials scanned to be used in the manufacture of the product.

For the lighting, we opted for a studio lighting highlighting the product details in order to control the reflections of it.

Regarding the composition of the CGI product, an almost orthographic perspective was chosen to respect the real proportions of the product and to produce a representation as technical as possible, respecting the needs of the customer, optimizing the usability, supporting catalogues graphics, etc.


Product Visualisation CGI

Visualisation Highlight

For the animations, we created several variations of the main materials because the transparences did not allow to use realistic materials. That is why everything had to be re-textured for the final images. All animations had to be re-illuminated in postproduction and composed to fit the lighting of the existing video.

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