Exterior CGI

Melmount Road

Melmount Road

Strabane, Northern Ireland, UK







Hagan Homes


Exterior CGI

  • YEAR : 2019
  • LOCATION : Strabane
  • CLIENT : Hagan Homes
  • CATEGORY : Exterior CGI

Exterior CGI

Residential CGI

For this project, the client requested a residential CGI, in particular, 4 exterior CGI of each individual home and a general CGI site to show the whole urbanization.

We love to have the freedom to create when making CGI exteriors so all the houses were modelled both the interior and the exterior. All the elements of the facade were modelled according to the specifications provided in the plans by the client; gutters, PVC windows, composite doors, etc, were modelled to be the most faithful to reality.

For the texturizing process, 80% of the image is the brick and the stone of the facade, so we made both materials from scratch. To create the brick we used real photographs as it was tailor-made service for the client.

Always looking for photorealism in residential CGI the appropriate processing of materials is very important to us.

In terms of the landscape around the house, we used plants, shrubs and trees specified by the client. The site was an uneven terrain, so it was necessary to solve the level change of the road for the entrances of the houses, as we always do to provide the most accurate CGI we worked with the client to find the best solution together.

CGI Mood

A dusk light was chosen to give a cosy and relaxing mood of the development. This light was used in the images of the individual houses and but we chose a noon light in the general image of the site to represent a sunny day from the north.

Lights are very important when looking at an image so we can really understand the mood and what is going to be like once built.

Image composition was always taken from high points of view to reduce the effects of uneven terrain. For the postproduction certain elements of the background were added applying real images of the site.

Some details were also produced for the promotion of the project in our social networks.

Residential CGI

Visualisation Highlight

As we are designers and engineers, we are obsessed about achieving perfection and therefore we work the materials from a physically correct point of view. We work with real data from the manufacturers and we always try to adjust that to the specifications indicated by the client to offer CGI as close to reality as possible.

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