Interior CGI, Exterior CGI, Architectural Movie

Resort House

Our Artistic representation of an incredible home from "Martin Friedrich Architects".

Brighton, Australia.

Martin Friedrich Architects





Brighton, Australia


Francos & Costa


Interior CGI,Architectural Movies

  • YEAR : 2019
  • LOCATION : Brighton, Australia
  • CLIENT : Francos & Costa
  • CATEGORY : Interior CGI,Architectural Movies

Interior CGI, Architectural Movies

Residential CGI

Resort House is an internal project to try out and improve different skills, we usually carry out these projects to discover new techniques and workflows and as a consequence, be able to offer better services to our clients, it’s our own R&D (research and development).

The project consists of producing interior/exterior CGI only by using 5 photographs of an already built property and a floor plan. The result was 3 exterior CGI, 3 interior CGI, and a couple of architectural animations.

The remaining information involved a guessing work through these images and our knowledge of common elements of the architecture to create this realistic CGI.

This project is based on the exploration of different visual techniques, adding value to the image. Details are the basis of our service: photorealism in lighting and materials, and the exploration of a composition from the point of view of photography .

One of the key points of the images is the pool, as it is the central architectural element of the house. Details such as the caustics reflected from the water on the roofs of the house, wet tiles around the pool, and the small vibrations produced by the wind help to produce realism in the CGI.

The wind, a very complex element to represent in a static image, is full of dynamism in the image. All the elements; the trees of the scene, the grass, the water of the pool and finally the curtains, are being affected bythe wind in our CGI, like in a photograph.

Regarding the CGI Interiors, material processing, microdetails and physically correct reflections are essential to give realism to the whole picture.

Some of the techniques we worked with in the interiors were; low lighting scenes and lights and shadows in the composition, water simulation (faucets), fire simulation (candles) or particle systems (bubbles).


Resort House CGI

Visualisation Highlights


None of the images were postprocessed and they don’t have any type of color correction applied. #no filters.

The animations produced were small tests of various technical aspects to work on time management and check different parameters in rendering times.

Optimizing render time is the key in many of our projects and knowing what to do to reduce turnaround times without compromising quality is our priority to offer the best animation services.