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Francos & Costa

VR & 360

walk inside your project

VR, Virtual Reality

Complete immersion in your project, letting you walk around your house, turn on and off the lights, open and close your drawers, etc. Everything is alive even before is created!

• A construction-site view from your meeting room. The internal use option for designers or builders let everyone be inside these spaces and may help bring about better decisions.

• Thanks to our 360 fly-through video, you can get immersed in your project as easy as using your smartphone. A 360 fly-through video can bring any idea to life and help to understand your vision without any major technology investment, just your own devices.

Take a virtual tour

360 Panoramas

Experience the interiors in the most photorealistic way!

• Stereoscopic option for full of precision, accuracy and richness images.

• Jump into and see all the details around you, not through a camera, but through your own eyes.

• Internal use option for developers or interior designers; the best tool to explore countless possibilities and spot possible problems in advance, reducing costs in the design process.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Difference between VR and 360º Panoramic
    • A VR, Virtual Reality experience, takes you to a virtual space, where you can interact with the elements in it, for example, turn on the lights, move furniture around, change materials of the space, etc. 360º Panoramic, are static images created to represent an immersive experience where you can walk around like if you were in that exact spot. It allows you to experience the mood and looks of a finished project before even starting it in real life.
  • Which devices are compatible?
    • Nowadays, lots of mobile phones are compatible with the visualisation of 360º Panoramics. Facebook, Instagram, and Webs are prepared to show this type of image without any problem. VR, Virtual Reality, on the other hand, has to be optimized depending on the platform that is going to be visualized. Webs and Mobile phones can reproduce this type of media, but the best experience can be achieved through VR sets, like Oculus, HTC Vive.
  • Why does my Project need a 360º panoramic?
    • A 360º Panoramic lets your potential customers experience all the possibilities of a project, how an interior space will feel, like or which finishes need to be applied before even spending time on the fit-out. You can persuade investors, clients, or achieve a perfect collaboration during a fit-out through 360º Panoramics.
  • Why does my Project need VR, Virtual Reality?
    • VR, Virtual Reality, means to get ahead of your competitors, give your clients an interactive and compelling experience that they never had before. This service based on gamification engages with your clients and makes them share this experience with more potential clients. Having fun with your branded products makes them associate a great experience with your brand that will be remembered in the future.